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Time to pilot our newest scenarios – A unique opportunity to try us out

At Scenario sciences we develop and run training scenarios built around live-action simulations. Currently, we are planning for some pilot runs of new scenarios and would like to invite the professional community to participate in one or more of these engaging half-day interactive scenarios.

The scenarios/workshops will include the following themes:

Innovate for Sustainability Learn to increase profits and create new revenue streams by reducing your environmental footprint.

Crisis Management Learn to manage crisis situations and the sociocultural challenges that arise during them.

Cultural Competence Learn new tools to quickly become familiar with a new culture.

Each session is 5-6 hours and is certain to offer a uniquely effective learning experience. We charge a small fee to help cover the cost of the facility, lunch, coffe and tea. This fee is 250-395 SEK, depending on the nature of the scenario and the number of participants.

Express your interest and help us determine how to best meet your needs by filling in the form on our website:

You can also fill in our secure Podio form directly:


Below is a short information video the illustrates the structure followed by most of the courses:



About Sara Hjalmarsson

Sara Hjalmarsson är en entreprenör med examen i terrorism-prevention och säkerhet. Hennes professionella bakgrund är från den privata säkerhetssektorn. På fritiden gillar Sara att fiska, träna MMA och sluka eld.


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